They ain’t getting me to buy books!

I think the most interesting part of an academic year is the first couple of weeks. I love the buzz it brings. Suddenly the corridors are not empty, the forecourt is not deserted, the library is populated, the cafeterias are open, and my colleagues are back from Spain (and China). There’s talk, activity, excitement. Everywhere.

Oh boy!

Here's an interesting question: why is it okay for two women to dance together but not for two men? I have noticed it at ballroom and salsa. A woman dancing with another raises no eyebrow. But two men dancing? That is cause for great merriment.

Dance gorilla, dance!

Scene, favourite dance studio in Winton. Present, facing full-length mirror, Pale English Woman (aka Heidi Cruwys) and Dark Indian Man. Present in background, Pale English Man (aka Simon Cruwys) and amused onlookers (two). On, Cha Cha music

Tips from Tracie

Heard at Salsa Caliente, Southampton. Speaker, Tender Loving Tracie: "And girls, here’s something for you to watch out when you do that… Do not clamp your fingers around the man’s hand. Offer him your hand, but don’t clamp on. Never clamp on a man."
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