Wrong, wrong, wrong!

The strange thing about the dancing world is that it is the only world I know where the customer is always wrong ... Don’t do this, don’t do that, you’ve to do this, you've have to do that... the customer is always wrong. Because when the customer is right, you have nothing else to say, your business is finished. Donnie Burns on the business of teaching dance.

Dateline Hastinapur

pandavas smallSuppose, just suppose, there were newspapers when the Pandavas were slugging it out with the Kauravas. The equivalents of The Times of India and The Sun and The New York Times and the BBC. How would the Kurukshetra war and the events that led to it have been narrated?

Why Haruki Murakami lies. Why he writes

A writer is a professional spinner of lies. His job: to lay out the truth on a bed of magnificent lies so it is visible to the world. In many cases it is impossible to grasp the truth in its original form -- which is why we try to grab its tail by luring truth from its hiding place. Thoughts from Haruki Murakami...

Dec matches Ant?

There is a word that anyone who has ever worked as a sub-editor is particularly reverential of: public. So very easy to miss out the ‘l’ in it, and, boy, are you in trouble. ‘Gordon Brown addresses pubic meeting’. How nice. Looks like there is another we better start paying more attention to. ‘Finally’.

The end of childhood

Bhima, our hero, is installed in the palace of Hastinapur, ready to take on the many hardships that life, and the Kauravas, are about to throw at him. It has taken 100-plus tweets to get him this far, and along the journey, epicretold has acquired 1,405 followers.

BBC blooper

Ouch, can’t let this slide without having a quick go. Noticed on none other than the BBC, a classic tautological blooper that goes... wait a minute, 'tautological blooper' -- is that not tautology?
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