Why they want to marry Simon

simon-finalI bet you didn’t know this about Simon Cowell: he can do 50 one-handed push-ups.

Seems the man does push-ups twice a day on his knuckles. First thing in the morning, last thing at night.

Seems also he challenged one of the contestants on the US show he judges — no less than a Navy SEAL, mind — to a one-handed push-up duel. And beat him silly.

Apparently, the SEAL collapsed after 20 push-ups (must have been one bad SEAL, that), while friend Simon went for another 30.

Fifty push-ups by a man of 49? That is pretty good, especially one-handed ones. I now begin to understand why some of my sinfully young friends want to marry Mr Cowell pronto.

Good luck to them… and meanwhile, do educate yourself with this Demand Five episode on YouTube, Simon Cowell: Where did it all go right?

PS: Bet you didn’t know his middle name was ‘Philip’ either, now didya?

Image: courtesy www.drawmyface.co.uk/images/caricatures/simon-cowell-sketch2.jpg

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  1. Nikita Larsson · May 27, 2010

    Simon Cowell is honest I wish he wasn’t leaving American Idol

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