A 1,000 tweets. In 1,360 days. Ugh.

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A little stocktaking of @epicretold, an adaptation of the Mahabharata for Twitter.

ONE thousand three hundred and sixty days — that is, three years, eight months, and 21 days — to post 1,000 @epicretold tweets. Ugh. I honestly didn’t mean to take this long to get here.

If you are willing to overlook that shameful statistic, and forgive me my many dalliances till now, there is some cause for celebration. I have been pretty good these past few weeks, tweeting more often than even in the beginning. The story has progressed by leaps and bounds, and what is more, I intent to keep up the pace till we finish.

I must confess, though, that all this newfound enthusiasm is largely driven by the fact I have a gun to my head. After years of patient waiting, my lovely literary agent Mita Kapur — gosh, it does make me feel important to say I have an agent! — has taken upon herself to see this through.

We have spoken. We have agreed on staggered deadlines. We are getting results.

Now that I am into it on a daily basis, it is easier to keep up the momentum. Not that I don’t rebel anymore. But on such occasions, I can count on a short email in my inbox: “Dear Chindu, I am looking forward to the next chapter. Warm regards, Mita.” Strangely, that quiet persistence seems to work.

For those who came in late, @epicretold is an attempt to retell the Mahabharata on Twitter. It is inspired by my exceptionally versatile ex-colleague Prem Panicker’s brilliant Bhimsen, which draws on M T Vasudevan Nair’s genius Randamoozham. Field notes on Epicretold will serve as a quick primer on what the project is about.

For a taste of the first chapter of @epicretold, click through to End of Childhood. And just for the record, here’s the 1,000th tweet (hadn’t quite clocked where I was when tweeting that, or I would have tried to make it a bit more memorable):



  1. Dandapani (@Dandapani) · May 4, 2013

    Thanks for taking on this task. Am a follower of the story.

  2. Duke of Dork · September 24, 2013

    Am a fan of @epicretold but I was late to the party. I stumbled across the handle during the Pandavas’ last year of exile, but would love to read all @epicretold tweets from the start. Do you have an archive somewhere?

    — @cynicalsultan

  3. Chindu Sreedharan
    Chindu Sreedharan · September 24, 2013

    @cynicalsultan, I haven’t storified any chapter other than the one you just saw. But if you follow this, you should be able to see the first 100 tweets together: http://www.chindu.net/reports-on-research/the-end-of-childhood/ Epicretold should be coming out as a book a few months from now, though!

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