Dance gorilla, dance!

SCENE, favourite dance studio in Winton. Present, facing full-length mirror, Pale English Woman (aka Heidi Cruwys) and Dark Indian Man. Present in background, Pale English Man (aka Simon Cruwys) and amused onlookers (two). On, Cha Cha music.

PEW: “…and on 2, we strike a line… strike a line. Arms out, no, arms out. Sharp. Now bring it down as you ronde. To your side… lower it like this.”


PEW: “No! Not that way! Drop your chest and bring your arms all the way down! What do you think you are? A gorilla?”

DIM thinks it over. No, he shakes his head, not a gorilla.

Another day. Same scene, more or less. On, Rumba music.

PEW: “…bring your right arm slowly down… as if you are going to caress my face… Look at me. Look at me! This is the dance of love. No! Straight fingers. No claws. No claws! You are not a bird, are you?”

DIM thinks it over. Not a bird either, he shakes his head, just a bloke.

Yet another day. Same scene. Pale English Man is with an elderly couple.

PEM: “That was marvellous, simply marvellous. It was a good variation of what I said, a very good one indeed… though it wasn’t quite what I wanted.”

Elderly Gent: “Does it matter? I got there in the end, didn’t I?”

Is entertaining, is ballroom.


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