The return of the natives

Mirko & Edita small'The ability to risk is something that is very attractive. Some people choose to have a safer way, and the safe way guarantees winning. But the safe way will not guarantee the love of the crowd.' Insights into one of the most-watched ballroom partnerships in the world, from an interview with Edita Daniute.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

The strange thing about the dancing world is that it is the only world I know where the customer is always wrong ... Don’t do this, don’t do that, you’ve to do this, you've have to do that... the customer is always wrong. Because when the customer is right, you have nothing else to say, your business is finished. Donnie Burns on the business of teaching dance.

Of ballroom and Blackpool

The ballroom in Blackpool Tower is breathtaking. Especially the first time you walk on to it. I guess it is a combination of factors: the sheer expansiveness of the floor set in durbar hall-like surroundings, leading up to a glorious podium

Oh boy!

Here's an interesting question: why is it okay for two women to dance together but not for two men? I have noticed it at ballroom and salsa. A woman dancing with another raises no eyebrow. But two men dancing? That is cause for great merriment.

Dance gorilla, dance!

Scene, favourite dance studio in Winton. Present, facing full-length mirror, Pale English Woman (aka Heidi Cruwys) and Dark Indian Man. Present in background, Pale English Man (aka Simon Cruwys) and amused onlookers (two). On, Cha Cha music

Tips from Tracie

Heard at Salsa Caliente, Southampton. Speaker, Tender Loving Tracie: "And girls, here’s something for you to watch out when you do that… Do not clamp your fingers around the man’s hand. Offer him your hand, but don’t clamp on. Never clamp on a man."