That tweeting, blogging, microvideoing MeCCSA media team!

The MeCCSA Social Media Team doing, well, Social MediaLAST week 10 journalism students got together at  Bournemouth University and blogged the hell out of the 2014 MeCCSA Conference. They really did.

Across nine Twitter accounts and a live blog, they posted some 62,488 words: an estimated 43,000 words in 2,900 tweets, and another 18,988 by way of the live blog. That’s pretty near the wordage of a PhD thesis.

The MeCCSA coverage (#MeCCSA2014, @MeCCSA2014) was noteworthy not just in terms of the word count, but also for the spread of social media channels it utilised. Besides Twitter and the live blog, the team experimented with Vine, Tout and Vizibee to post 90-odd microvideos; engaged in realtime iPhone photography; curated social media with Storify; and created podcasts for Audioboo and iTunes (six-plus hours).

In the final 24 hours alone, as per this Hashtracking stats, the team helped create 333,065 Twitter impressions, reaching a potential audience of 85,324Here’s a snapshot of the most active Twitter accounts in the final phase.

Screenshot 2014-01-14 09.13.44

And here’s a taste of how #MeCCSA2014 played out — is still playing out — on Twitter (or check out

Screenshot 2014-01-14 13.45.36

All in all, it was pretty much an interesting experience, and I will be back with another post on what we learnt from it later.

Could this be a first of its kind in volume of coverage? I can’t swear by it, but I don’t recall a student social media coverage of this nature unfolding on this side of the Atlantic. If you have done or know of something similar, do get in touch and we can hopefully compare notes.

In the meantime do meet the tweeting, blogging, videoing MeCCSA media team. In no particular order: Charlotte Gay, Ben Fisher, Polina Stoyanova, Jessica FosterPatrick Ward, Gabriela Vlahova, Tazz Gault, Rachitaa Gupta, George Underwood, and Tom Beasley.

PS: If you are into microvideos, check out Very useful tool, in development.