Go, Gatward, go!

apostropheI LOVE this man, Stefan Gatward, of Tunbridge Wells, England.

Gatward is in the news for waging a lone war against the – how shall I put it? – non-use of apostrophes. He does it with a paintbrush, by correcting street signs that are, well, lacking.

For instance, St Johns Close, which, as we all agree, can do with a bit of help. Gatward stepped up, and here is his philosophy as reported by the Times Online.

“I think one should stand up for things and language is worth standing up for. The trouble is that everything is dumbed down now … I’ve lived on St. John’s Close for 14 months and have had to look at those signs every day. I decided enough was enough.”

When he’s done with the signs, perhaps Gatward could come help us out at the university a bit?

PS: The man in the picture, that’s not Gatward.

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Image courtesy: http://media.rd.com/rd/images/rdc/mag0903/righting-wrong-writing-af.jpg

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