Dec matches Ant?

THERE is a word that anyone who has ever worked as a sub-editor is particularly wary of: public.

So very easy to miss out the ‘l’ in it, and, boy, are you in trouble. ‘Gordon Brown addresses pubic meeting’. How nice.

Looks like there is another we better start paying more attention to. ‘Finally’. Substitute an ‘a’ for the ‘f’ and ‘i’, and you get something quite, um, different.

dec1Admittedly, that is a rather thick feat for any sub under normal circumstances, and quite unheard of till now, but someone did manage that at the Daily Express last week. Result, this headline:

‘Can Dec anally match Ant?’

Here’s the how and why of that story on MediaMonkey. Yep, definitely one for the scrapbook.


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