Bugger, I got the blog bug!

I am sick, and terribly-terribly infectious: I give people the ‘blog bug’.

That, from Emma and Kate, two new converts to blogism. Emma blogs at Little Miss Sunshine about “anything really” and Kate would like to have “something of substance” at Kate’s Place. Do check them out.I did some nosing around and came up with a few relatively new — and not so new — blogs around us. There’s Timmo’s How Soon Is Now, Lucy Meakin’s Blogging Along, Katie’s The Multitasker, and James Rivington’s The home of corkball

All of them, so far as I can see, are having a good time online, and, as Kate says, it doesn’t matter if anyone’s reading it or not, because it has a “strange sense of worthwhileness about it”.

Nice way of putting it. I like that. Makes us think what we find ‘worthwhile’ about blogging. Is it because it gives us a voice, an opportunity to sound off? On anything we darned well please? Or is it because, as Emma puts it half-jokingly, it is a “good distraction”? Or..?

My reasons might not be yours. But, if you are blogger, you do have a good reason for blogging, and I am curious to know yours. So drop me a line below, could you?

What do you find satisfying about this little exercise?

How does it help you?

And if you are non-blogger, why do you not blog?

Now ‘scuse me folks, I got to go spread this bug some more…


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