I AM an Indian living in England a journalist, also an academic.

After a decade of journalism in New Delhi, Mumbai and New York, I moved to a sunny English town called Bournemouth late in 2004, to research and teach. Indian in England began then, as an alien’s musings on the English way of life.

I became a serial blogger soon after. The Accidental Academic had the tagline ‘Stuff for Students’ and aimed to supplement the lectures and workshops I did on news and feature journalism at the Media School, Bournemouth University. War on Conflict was my notes on research, while Footnotes dealt with my ‘other life’, as someone dabbling in competitive Latin and Standard ballroom.

www.chindu.net is a consolidation of these efforts. Rather late in life I realised the folly of keeping four blogs going and have brought them all together here. The category Musings houses many of the posts from my original blog. Accidental Academics and Footnotes are, it goes without saying, the remakes of what used to be The Accidental Academic and Footnotes.

War on Conflict has metamorphosed into Reports on Research. I must confess I havent done this section justice yet, but I hope to do so in the coming days and not just with posts on Kashmir, conflict, and conflict journalism (which remain my main interests), but on the wider aspects of communication and research in general. I certainly intend to blog more on my newfound fascination communication in dancesport.

Have a look around. Let me know what you think at [email protected]

Chindu Sreedharan

PS: Step this way if you would like to visit Interjunction, the site I co-founded to foster media-academia interaction.